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Q: How do I obtain a storage space?

A: Please fill out the agreement form available for download on our website and email us the agreement for review. Please email to info@mcdougallstorage.ca.

Upon approval, we will contact you to book an appointment to drop off your item(s) being stored, and submission of the payment will be required prior to the appointment.

Q: When is payment to be made?

A: Full payment for the term of you storage services is due when the storage agreement is submitted at the time of creating an appointment to drop off the property to be stored

Q: How is payment made?

A: Payment can be made to McDougall Storage via cheque or e-transfer (info@mcdougallstorage.ca). Credit cards can also be used but may be subject to a fee.

Q: Does McDougall Storage insure my property?

A: No, McDougall Storage does not insure your property in any capacity. Adequate/sufficient insurance is the sole responsibility of the client.

Q: When can I access my property in storage?

A: For security and insurance purposes, we recommend access is kept to a minimum. In the event one is absolutely required, an appointment can be made to do so with 72 hours’ notice.

Q: Is indoor storage available?

A: Unfortunately, not currently.